Get Mobile

Strowberry provides expert-level native mobile app development services along with everything this complex process entails: product conception, UX definition, mobile UI design & polishing, coding, porting, testing & QA, and finally launching.

discovery & design

User Experience

Our UX designers live and breathe mobile apps. With fantastic knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, it’s no surprise we can make getting from A to B both seamless and enjoyable.

User Interface

We have a huge passion for everything beautiful in the digital landscape. So, from creating new screen layouts to finessing single icons, we ensure engaging, pixel perfect designs.

Production Design

All of our apps have carefully crafted assets. But they’re not just good –looking. Our in-house production designers make sure every single one feels right at home with the interface and experience.

iOS & Android Design

Specializing in both iOS and Android means we know the operating systems’ design guidelines inside out. Knowing what to use and when, is key to optimizing our apps’ usability and memorability.

software development & testing

Problem Analysis

To provide the best solution we have to get to the heart of your problem, or opportunity! Our developers carefully analyse your requirements and engineer the app that will best satisfy your business goals.

Evolving your app

A successful app will continually grow, with the addition of new features, regular iterations and updates. We purposefully engineer flexible apps that are easy and cost effective to change.

iOS & Android Dev

We employ a variety of mobile app development specialists. They write native code for both iOS and Android, ensuring users get the best performance and all the features they expect from their device.

App Testing

Our testers strive for perfection and won’t stop until the job is done! This stage of the process is essential – accuracy and endurance translate into complete peace of mind for our clients.

in-life management & analysis


We know that analytics are vital to a successful app. We provide clients with insightful in-app usage statistics and findings, which we use to drive further app development and lifecycle management. We never stand still!

Business Solutions

Our business is to support your business. So if you want us to integrate with billing gateways, reporting systems or workflow processes, we work hard to fit right in! Your business objectives become the same as our own.

Content Management

With Strowberry, you don’t need to worry about keeping your content up to date. Our agile developers possess all the necessary tools, knowledge and creativity, to keep your app feeling fresh 365 days a year.

App Adoption

If you aren’t happy with the results you’re getting elsewhere, we can ‘take over’ your current app and get it back on track. No matter how old or new the project, we’ll prove just how much mobile matters!